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AVANZI di Alessandra Bray

AVANZI di Alessandra Bray AVANZI di Alessandra Bray AVANZI di Alessandra Bray AVANZI di Alessandra Bray
AVANZI nasce da un’ idea di Alessandra Bray.
ALESSANDRA BRAY ormai da anni con il suo brand Avanzi cardboard design si dedica alla creazione di arredi e complementi realizzati esclusivamente in cartone riciclato, al quale dona sapientemente una nuova forma dal design estremamente contemporaneo.
Negli ultimi anni in particolare si è dedicata alla realizzazione di un’esclusiva linea di Lampade, un universo fatto di luce e poesia, che unisce eleganza e leggerezza dal sapore intimo e raffinato.

Avanzi (remains) is what remains and takes a new identity and new shapes. 
Avanzi(Advances) meaning to advance, to move forward, no matter what are the element’s origins: a creation that comes from the mind and develop into forniture and lights, crossing the marvellous process of creativity by artists’ hands.
The cardboard is the unique material used by Alessandra Bray, a self-thought artist in spite a Degree in Economic and Business Sciences, who decided to make a responsible choose, using only recycled material for a very low environmental impact.
The artist has always handled cardboard since her early realizations, but her tecnique has experienced some manufacturing improvements and, inspired to ancient tradition, she reduced the raw material just in bands, as woolen yarn extracted from the raw wool.
For the production of her lamps, she - literally - embroideries bands, like an embroidery does with yarns, obtaining plays of lights and shadows of such deep suggestion.
Alessandra Bray offers to the recycle cardboard the chance to be new amazing forms, turning it into accessories, furnishing and lamps by an extremely contemporary design.
A universe made of light and poetry, in which elegance and lightness are combined with an intimate and refined style.

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